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  1. Search for suitable product You can enter the vehicle type and the tyre dimensions (width, height, diameter) into the search engine. The choice can also be limited by the year of manufacture and by the manufacturer. By selecting the tyre size and pressing the "Search tyre" button, the Customer will be redirected to the list of products, suitable for that vehicle. By clicking on the selected product in the list, you can read more information about this product and if the product is suitable you can immediately select the desired quantity.
  2. The Customer will choose the suitable product(s) in the E-Shop and add them by pressing the "Add to Cart" button to the Order ("Shopping Cart").
  3. Once all the desired choices have been made, the Customer can move forward by pressing the "Shopping Cart" button. In order to confirm that the correct tyres are selected in the correct amount, the Customer's choice will be displayed again, giving a possibility to change the quantity (quantities) and delete the item from the shopping cart. If the Customer is sure that the content of the order in the shopping cart is correct, the Customer can fill in the data regarding the order.
  4. Next, the Customer must fill in the data regarding the delivery method and the place of delivery ("Choose Transport"). If the Customer wishes to give additional instructions to Vevid AS, they must be written in the "Additional Information" box.
  5. To move forward, the Customer must press the button "Preview", to cancel the order or to change the shopping cart, click "Back".
  6. The Customer should confirm the order (by selecting "Confirm Order") where the Customer can check the correctness of the data and choose the method of payment.